Brass Instrument Repairs

These quotes do not include a leak test or regulating action, but it is highly recommended that the service be done as well as the service you desire. Including this service ensures that your instrument is playing to the best of its ability.


Chemical Cleaning

Student   $50

Professional   $55

Bach Stradivarius    $60

Ream or Lap Valve   $25ea.

Ream & Lap Valve   $35ea.

Solder Joint   $12ea

French Horn

Chemical Cleaning

Single   $80

Double   $95

Baritone & Euphonium

Chemical Cleaning

3 Valve   $70

4 Valve   $85


Clean & Align Slide

Student   $70

Professional   $95



Chemical Cleaning

3 Valve   $95

4 Valve   $105

5 Valve   $120

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