Fine String Instrument Repairs


A restring on a violin or a viola should be done around six to nine months depending on the quality of the strings and how often you play. The variables are the same for cello strings, but they should be replaced every nine months to a year. A sure sign that you need strings is if you see any breaking of the strings (most noticeably at the bridge) or if your instrument sounds dull.

Restring includes: Removing old strings and placing new strings on, tuning, adjusting the bridge and a quick polish of the body and neck. Price of strings not included.

Violin and Viola   $20

Cello  $30

String Bass  $40

Bridge Replacement

Bridges can break, can be lost or be a unshaped and the wrong size for your violin, we want to make sure that your violin has the right fitting bridge for optimal playing.

Bridge Replacement includes: Cutting the new bridge to the correct height and measurements according to the curvature of the violin and string placement, checking action at the nut and bridge. Grooves for strings measured and slotted. Strings are properly leveled and tuned. Price does not include the blank bridge or strings.

Violin and Viola  $50

Cello  $60

Full Setup

If you just purchased a used instrument, there's a good chance it needs a full setup. Given that you have all the necessary parts for a working violin, this setup will ensure that your instrument is playing to the best of it's potential.

Full Setup includes: Nut slots adjusted and lubed, old strings are replaced with a new set, bridge is shaped, feet are fitted for the top plate, grooves for strings are properly measured and slotted and sound post is correctly placed to hold tension of the strings. Adjustment of all pegs and tightening of all hardware and is also tuned. Lastly, the instrument gets a detailed cleaning and polish of body, neck and scroll. Price of strings not included.

Violin and Viola  $65

Cello  $75

Miscellaneous Repairs

We would love to fix up your violin to help you reach your musical goals. If you don't see the repair you're looking for, give us a call and we'll give you a quote!

New Peg Set*   Violin/Viola $50     Cello $60

Re-Fit Old Pegs  Violin/Viola  $10ea.    Cello $15ea.

New Nut/Saddle*  Violin/Viola $75   Cello $85

New Fingerboard*   Violin/Viola $125   Cello $155

Re-Glue Fingerboard   Violin/Viola $45   Cello $65

Re-Set Sound   Violin/Viola $10   Cello $15

Install Tailpiece*   Violin/Viola $15   Cello $20

Install Fine Tuners*   Violin/Viola $5ea.   Cello $5ea.

Install Chinrest*   Violin/Viola $10

*Indicates that material cost is not included in quote.

A Restring is not included in an quote listed above.

Don't see the repair you need? Give us a call and we'll give you a quote!


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