Jesse Godoy

Guitar Instructor & Blues Workshop Director
Instruments taught: Guitar and Bass Guitar

It's been 20 years since I've been playing guitar and bass and I've been teaching both for about 12 years. My favorite styles to play are all over the board, but Rock, Blues and Classic Metal are at the top of my list. My favorite artist is Jimi Hendrix; he paved the way for so many guitarists like myself and I really dig the bluesy rock tunes he played.

I teach because our world needs better music! I think music is really important in the development of young minds and it music makes life better. When I teach I mix humor with my lesson plan. Its important to have a good sense of humor when learning an instrument in my opinion, it can get tough and I've seen too many students get discouraged because they are too hard on themselves.

Dan Wohlitz

Guitar Instructor
Instruments taught: Guitar and Bass Guitar

I started playing guitar 48 years ago and I've been teaching for 41 years. I enjoy playing and teaching Classical and Spanish guitar the most, but I have spent time playing all sorts of styles from Country to Jazz to Pop.

Levi Duren

Guitar & Ukulele Instructor
Instruments taught: Guitar and Ukulele

I've been playing guitar for 8 years and its been a year since I've started teaching. I enjoy lots of styles but my favorite is fingerstyle guitar. My favorite song is Passionflower from one of my favorite artists, Jon Gomm. He takes guitar to a whole new level with percussive elements and rythmn.

Its been an incredibly rewarding experience teaching because I get to see the joy that comes with understanding something as fun and meaningful as music. When I teach I encourage them to set goals for themselves. I want to help them reach their own aspirations.

Jeff Bayless

Guitar and Folk Instrument Instructor & Rockband Workshop Director
Instruments taught: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin.

I started out on guitar 46 years ago and I've had the pleasure of teaching for 25 years now. I've been in all sorts of bands and I appreciate all genres that I've played such as: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Country.

I love teaching because I get to provide for my family by helping my students grow as musicians and individuals. It's gratifying to see students find enjoyment from something that comes from the heart. When I teach, I first figure out what they love about music and work from that. Once I know what they like about playing music, I incorporate the basics of musical concepts into the musical style that inspires the individual.

Neal Adams

Guitar Instructor
Instruments taught: Guitar, Beginning Bass and Music Theory.

I have been playing guitar for 30 years and have been teaching it for 16 years. I like playing all sorts of styles, but my favorites are jazz, funky rock, soul and acoustic rock.

My philosophy on teaching guitar is not limited to just having fun playing music, it also teaches life skills. I teach because it makes me grow as a person and as a musician. Learning how to play an instrument helps students understand that consistantly working at something is fun, rewarding and helps build character. When I teach students I like to lay down a solid foundation of basics, that way my students can understand and have fun with simple songs and concepts, but are able to excel to more advanced playing if they choose to. My hope for my students is that they would find the challenges rewarding and continue to push the boundaries of their playing.

Lenny Graf

Woodwinds & Brass Instructor and Ochestra Director
Instruments taught: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Bass Guitar and Harmonica.

I have been teaching for about 30 years and its been 20 years that I have been a band director in the city of Fountain Valley. As a band director and a performer myself, I play mostly Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz. My favorite song is Bohemian Rapshody by Queen and my favorite performer is Joe Satriani.

I enjoy teaching because each student is so unique and I enjoy helping them discover their own strengths and talents. Its also fun for me to see them progress and find their instrument as a new way to express themselves.

John Patrick

Owner & Piano Instructor
Instruments taught: Piano, Guitar Ukulele, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn and Euphonium.

I have been playing piano for 43 years and I started teaching piano first for what is now 31 years ago. I like playing and teaching all types of styles—anything from classical to pop. My favorite song is “Roundabout” from Yes. My favorite band is Oingo Boingo, I really like their unique style.

I teach because I get a lot of joy out of seeing my students succeed and reach their musical goals over time. I've had the opportunity to see many of my student's lives become enriched (both socially and intellectually) because of their music lessons. I try to inspire my students by sharing my love to play. It takes a lot of commitment from not only the students, but the parents as well. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance from me as the teacher, the parent and the student, but when all parties are committed, you get a great musician!

Regan Lambert

String Instrument Instructor
Instruments taught: Violin, Viola & Cello
I have been playing for 31 years and teaching for 17 years. I enjoy playing classical music the best, like with the La Mirada Symphony. But I also enjoy playing for movie soundtracks and for musicals. My favorite song for violin is Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No. 1; in particular the third movement. Just for listening, I really like Jem, especially "Save Me" and "Flying High."

I believe having a sense of accomplishment is most inspiring to my students. I've started a "100 Day Club," that honors students who have accomplished 100 days of practicing. I also hold 3 or 4 recitals a year for my students to perform and to show their accomplishments. I also encourage my students to participate in Certificate of Merit, where students are judged in their performance and theory skills.

I teach because music enriches lives and develops comprehensive skills. Learning to listen, to self evaluate and make changes, learning discipline, the value of hard work, how to balance a busy schedule and developing a sense of accomplishment. All these skills, I believe, help create strong character and success in an individual. The creative nature of music also helps people express themselves and explore non-literal aspects of thinking. Its wonderful to be able to impact someone's thinking in so many ways and assist in their development. Plus, music is just fun!

David Jones

Piano Instructor
Instruments Taught: Piano (also Keyboard Harmony and Music Theory)

I have been playing for 45 years and have been teaching piano for 15 years now. My favorite styles of music to play are New Orleans style blues, boogie and second line and Jazz. My favorite song is Thelonius Monk's "Ruby, My Dear."

I inspire my students by challenging them and praising them when they overcome a lesson because it helps them realize that they are capable of more than they give themselves credit for.

I teach because I believe in education. Education allows for more positive choices in one's life. Music education, specifically, improves cognitive thinking, reasoning and teaches discipline and all of which lead to success.

Tom Bevan

Guitar Instructor

Josie Williams

Piano Instructor
Instrument Taught: Piano
I have been playing for 20 years and have been teaching for 8. Ragtime is my favorite style to play on piano, but I thoroughly enjoy all styles of music. My favorite composers are Scott Joplin and George Gershwin, but my favorite contemporary artist is the band Queen.

I inspire my students by trying to show them they can express their thoughts and feelings through music. I encourage them to choose songs and styles that they would like to learn and I guide them by listening to their likes and dislikes.

I teach because music enriches lives. "Music is a science, music is mathmatical, music is a foreign language, music is history, music is physical education, music develops insight and demands research. Music is all of these things, but most of all, music is art. That is why we teach music." -Unknown

Mathias Chaidez

String Instructor

Alan Niccola

Group Piano Instructor

Tamara Kirshman

Piano Instructor

Peter Pfiefer

Drum Instructor

Dan Welby

Drum Instructor

Roberta Osterode

Piano Instructor

Linda Johnson

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April Medellin

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Matt Knox

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Gilbert Meguire

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Jack Stiteler

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Alex Graf

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Jayme Dembo

Vocal Instructor
Teaches Voice. Ms. Dembo is our Got To Sing instructor.

I love singing pop songs, but I also enjoy performing in other languages. My favorite song is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. I genuinely care about the success of my students and I believe that everyone can always learn something new and get better, no matter what. Music is my passion and teaching makes me happy! I enjoy seeing students improve their abilities.


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